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24/7 blocked drains Sydney service

Always ready to rescue you!

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A blocked drain in Sydney can happen at any time. Day or night. And there’s no time to wait. A blockage can quickly lead to flooding, burst pipes, or worse.

You deserve service then, and there, to protect your home from serious damage.
This is why you need the blocked drain plumber Sydney trusts for 24/7 service. With over 30 years of experience, our expert team are on the go day and night, 365 days of the year, always ready to rescue you!

When disaster strikes remember this number: 02 8789 2512. We repair what your husband fixed!

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With Sydney wide service, on-time techs and flawless repairs, you’re in safe hands. We’re the
experts: why trust anyone else? You’ve got the reliable expertise of 30 years of experience
unclogging drains Sydney wide, right here at your fingertips.

Emergency? What emergency?

It’s absolutely vital to act on a blockage ASAP. Leaving a clogged pipe for too long can lead to all kinds of problems. Not only will the blockage get worse over time, but you’re risking more serious issues.

Aside the health and safety concerns of a clogged sewer, for instance, you’re running the risk of cracks in your pipes as water pressure builds.
This can lead to burst and broken pipes – a costly, time wasting repair. Save on time and money: get your drains cleared at the first sign of a blockage.

With the latest in technology and weekly updated training, we can diagnose any blockage, from an excess of natural waste to tree roots in drains.

The use of drain cameras, electric mini eels, and more gives us an edge over our competitors as the most effective drainage plumbers in Sydney.

All of our technicians are licensed, qualified, insured and fully equipped for the job at hand. Prevent problems: act early, and call us on 1300 679 274 for the best blocked drain service Sydney has
ever seen.

You can’t wait on a plumber

Ever been stuck around waiting for a lazy tradie? Not only are you wasting your time, you’re putting your home at risk. Every minute counts with a serious blockage. Maybe it means your toilet can’t be used. Worse, maybe it means pipes are on the verge of cracking.

The Sydney blocked drain specialists are on call when you need them, so we’re always ready to help!

With on-time service every time, even after hours, you’re in safe hands. We track all of our vans with the latest in GPS technology. This means we can keep on the go, knowing exactly when we’ll be on site. You’ll never be stuck waiting.

What’s more, with over 30 years of experience unblocking drains Sydney wide, we know to carry the tools for the job.

Each of our vans is loaded with over 150 specialist tools. We can fix your problem then and there. No waiting, no delays. Just flawless service.

The Experts

There’s no other team who can claim the depth or breadth of our blocked drain plumbers in Sydney. 30 years in the game gives us an edge. Whether it’s using the latest in cutting edge technology or the developed skills learnt by our qualified technicians, we’re ahead of the pack.

When you need experts, you need us. We’ll investigate, diagnose, and provide an on-site repair then and there.

So don’t wait. When your loo clogs, your sink gurgles, your shower floods or your bathroom is six feet underwater, call the experts. Call Blocked Drains to the Rescue on 1300 679 274 or click here to get in touch online.

Day or night, our team will be there for you, when you need us most. There’s no time to lose in a blocked drain emergency: call today on 1300 679 274. We repair what your husband fixed!

Is my drain blocked?

If you’re asking that question, the answer is probably yes. There’s several common symptoms of a blockage. These range from the superficial to the brutal. Water draining slowly from a sink is a first sign. A toilet not flushing waste also indicates a blockage
further down the pipe. Smells coming from sinks or drains can indicate that you’ve got a build-up in the pipes.
Flooding or leaks from sinks or drains is a worrying sign that you’ve got a serious blockage.

But never fear. Acting on the first sign of a blocked drain, whether night or day, means you’re avoiding future disaster.

Water damage from a clogged pipe or sink can cost thousands to repair. Having it unclogged by honest drain plumbers in Sydney will prevent that.

Because we price by the job, not the hour, you’re always getting your money’s worth. You’re only paying for the work that’s done, not the time it takes to do it.

Our plumbers will always advise on costs associated with your repair, so you’ll never be in the dark. You’ll get an up-front quote. Every time. And, with emergency callouts 24/7 for blocked drain repairs in Sydney, you’re never far from help.

Call us today on 1300 679 274, any time, day or night. We’re always ready to rescue you!