Do you charge a call-out or service-fee for blocked drain repairs?

No, we do not charge a service fee or call-out charge for blocked drain investigations or repairs. Your service call will only be billed for quoted repairs and investigations, by the job, and not the time it takes to do it.

Can you quote on a blocked drain repair over the phone?

Unfortunately, no. Every job is different and a full inspection is required to identify the best economical solution for clearing your drain blockage. As such, we will only provide a full quotation after inspecting the works themselves.

How do you know what kind of drain blockage you have?

That depends on the quality of an investigation. We can use manual equipment as well as CCTV cameras to identify the cause of a blockage, whether it's paper towel or hygiene products or even tree roots. Then, an appropriate solution can be found.

Do chemical drain cleaners clear blocked drains?

The short answer is no. Sometimes, a chemical drain cleaner can fix a simple blockage, but without a proper inspection by a licensed drainage plumber, you might not get the best results. Added, drain cleaners contain dangerous chemicals which can be harmful when they come into contact with skin, eyes, or even when breathed in. We don't recommend trying to apply these cleaners yourself.

How do you fix tree roots in my drains?

Using a VAPOROOTER application, we can repair a drain blockage without harming the tree itself. Because VAPOROOTER is a limited action herbicide it can't travel far up the roots. We can clear your drains while preserving your garden.

What if I need my drains relined or replaced?

If your drains require a full reline or dig-up repair and replacement, we will quote on the full rectification works as necessary after inspecting the job. While we can usually fix most jobs on the spot, a return appointment may have to be scheduled for larger reinstatement works, and we will make sure we have the appropriate team members, equipment, and materials available on the subsequent booking for efficient service.