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Blocked Drains Marrickville

Fast Drain Unblocking in Marrickville, 24/7!

Got a blocked drain in Marrickville? A blocked drain can be a mild inconvenience or the bain of your very existence! One thing is for certain, however—once you have clogged drains, you need to get them dealt with, fast. Blockages in you drains can not only put a fixture like a sink or a shower out of commission, they can cause serious health and safety concerns, especially if the blockage is in a waste pipe or the main sewage pipe in your home or business.


Finding the right blocked drain plumbers in Marrickville can be tricky, but it should be, which is why Blocked Drains to the Rescue are here to make that search easier for homeowners and businesses. We are a full-service plumbing company with locally-based plumbers who are ready to take care of your drains, from backed-up sinks to burst sewer pipes. We deliver quality workmanship with a friendly smile, and we have been doing so across Marrickville NSW for the past 30 years!


Call Blocked Drains to the Rescue on (02) 8789 2512 and get your drains unblocked by the experts.


We Clear Blocked Drains in all areas of Marrickville

If you have a blocked drain, it is crucial that you act quickly to avoid making the problem worse.

Call Blocked Drains to the Rescue for a Fast, Drain Unblocking Service!

Being locals, we are always ready to help clear your clogged drains at short notice, 24/7. Why wait? You can contact us right now & one of our qualified & friendly plumbing professionals will be out to fix and clear the blockage.

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Blocked Drain Plumbers in Marrickville

We can’t make situations like this stop being stressful, but we can ensure that they don’t continue being stressful for any longer than is absolutely necessary. We’ll arrive promptly, take care of the problem efficiently, and deliver some of the most competitive pricing you are likely to find in Marrickville, or indeed in all of the Inner West and Sydney.

The next time you find yourself dealing with a blocked drain, whether it’s a toilet that won’t flush, a kitchen sink that won’t drain, or a broken sewage pipe that’s turned your garden into a swamp, call the experts; call Blocked Drains to the Rescue. You can reach us at (02) 8789 2512.

Why We Love Marrickville

Marrickville is a suburb that enjoys being at the heart of things in Sydney, it being only a stone’s throw from the Central Business District and a short drive from the beautiful Sydney coastline. It is home to a large population, thriving commercial spaces, and plenty of recreational opportunities.

Whether you own one of the many restaurants serving delicious food or live in one of the beautiful houses around the suburb, you don’t want your day ruined by the discovery of a blocked drain. Blocked Drains to the Rescue works all over Marrickville to ensure that any time a business owner or resident needs us, we can arrive promptly and take care of the issue in as short a time as possible.

We put our decades of experience to good use, finding the best solution for your specific situation, often meaning we can deal with a problem faster and more effectively than the competition. And our repairs last. You won’t be calling us back out again in a few months to fix a problem we’ve already been out to look at!

As handy as it would be, blocked drains do not resolve themselves. At best you will be dealing with a constant nuisance, at worst you could see real damage to your property as a result. Don’t let these problems grow, call the experts!

Call Blocked Drains to the Rescue now on 02 8729 0773 or click here to make a booking on the net. We're available and ready to rescue you!